Fannie Mae Made It Easier to Qualify for a Mortgage July 29, 2017

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A change announced recently by Fannie Mae could make it easier for some borrowers in Oregon to qualify for a mortgage loan. The rule change would allow borrowers to have a higher level of debt in relation to their income, which is a key requirement for home loans in Oregon.

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Fannie Mae will raise its debt-to-income ratio to 50 percent for loans originating after July 29, 2017.. "Make it easier for consumers to have mortgage problems. learn how long it takes to get an FHA, VA, USDA, or conventional mortgage. of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge before you’ll qualify for this loan.. meeting credit requirements won.

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But the lease Pruett signed made fixing that his responsibility. Meanwhile, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees government-controlled mortgage company Fannie Mae, has launched a new.

Several weeks later, after Mr. Gara and others consulted with administration officials, the administration supported a similar Senate bill late in the session that did not make it out of committee.

During late last year and early 2019, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made some changes to their processes. Since these two organizations back about half of all mortgages in the US, it’s a big deal.

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A mortgage rule change announced in July 2017 could make home loans easier to obtain, particularly for borrowers with a lot of debt relative to their income. The change made by Fannie Mae will increase the allowable debt-to-income (DTI) ratio limit from 45% to 50% of gross income.

Fannie Mae Allows Co Signors to Help Buyers Qualify. So if a borrower cannot get under the 50% ratio requirement, then there is another great Fannie solution. A co signor on the loan could help lower a debt ratio. Check out our article explaining "How a Mortgage Co signor May Help You Qualify for a First Home".