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Biogeochemical and stable carbon isotopic analysis of black-shale sequences deposited during an Albian oceanic anoxic event (112 million years ago) indicate that up to 80 weight percent of sedimentary organic carbon is derived from marine, nonthermophilic archaea. The carbon-13 content of archaeal molecular fossils indicates that these archaea were living chemoautotrophically.

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Cretaceous dino agellate provincialism in Brazilian marginal basins 355 ascribed to anoxic oceanic events manifested more strongly in those areas ( Arai, 1988 ).

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Abstract The turonian stromatolite-bearing condensed sequence in the Polish Jura Chain (the European epicontinental basin) provides good insight into the environment of formation of Cretaceous phosphatic stromatolites, owing to their purely phosphatic development and negligible post-depositional alteration.

 · Story of Evolution, Evolution of Stories Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2004 First Web Paper On Serendip. In Layman’s terms the first and second laws of Thermodynamics state that there is a finite amount of energy in the universe and as this energy is always reorganizing itself a certain amount always becomes less organized.

Discussion. Where the ichthyosaurs lost a particular ecospace, they appear to have been unable to recolonize it (figures (figures11 and and2).2 ). Whether this pattern of limited ecospace disparity carried through to the extinction of the ichthyosaurs in the Late Cretaceous is unclear owing to potential sampling bias.

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Cretaceous of the northeastern Caribbean Project Description The Cretaceous was characterized by CO2 concentration believed in excess of 1000 ppm, (Skelton, 2003). Geologic evidence from the Cretaceous greenhouse world suggests that ocean circulation, a major temperature buffer in today’s tropical oceans, failed during the Cretaceous.