Can You Beat Your Foreclosure With The Statute of Limitations?

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Raising the Statute of Limitations as a Defense to Foreclosure. If the statute of limitations has run out, you must raise this fact in front of a judge-which is easier in a judicial foreclosure than a nonjudicial one-in order to defeat the lender’s foreclosure action. If you don’t assert a statute of limitations defense, then this defense is deemed waived.

If you don’t pay on the Note, the lender has the right to invoke the "power of sale" and get their money another way. i.e. an involuntary foreclosure sale. There is no statute of limitations in California on the right to sell your property via non-judicial foreclosure auction if you don’t pay as agreed.

Boland, 11 cal.2d 103 (1938), the court decided that a four-year statute of limitations is a defense to a judicial foreclosure. See Id at 106-7. See also CA Civ Pro section 2911. However, most lenders pursue non-judicial foreclosures, and neither the statute nor case law addressed deadlines for non-judicial foreclosures.

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Can a civil court complaint be amended after the Statute of Limitations has run? Plaintiff filed claim on an alleged credit card debt in dispute. I believe the complaint is defective – i.e. fails to identify the plaintiff in body of the complaint, fails to satisfy elements of causes of action, others.

Foreclosure statute of limitation as a defense. It is an effective defense that can help you stall a foreclosure attempt on your mortgage, but a careful consideration has to be made and thus it will be prudent to consult an attorney regarding the probability of success by using the statute of limitation as a defense if you believe it has expired.

The negative information from your debt can still appear on your credit report. Federal student loans don’t fall under the statute of limitations on debt. The statute of limitations varies based on the laws of the state in the contract. If you have unresolved judgments, it’s best to speak with an attorney regarding statute of limitations.

If you have a home that is under threat of foreclosure, consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney and consider your options. In some cases, a statute of limitations defense may save your home from foreclosure.