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How to Stop Frogs From Croaking at Night. Put on the gloves, and grab a hose or big bucket of water. Thoroughly flush the cracks and damp piles. You’ll immediately notice several frogs jumping out. Simply grab the frogs, and drop them over your garden fence. This will force them to find another home. Make a concentrated mix of salt water.

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When in late April the productivity commission released its draft report on a transition to a low emissions economy, I took them to task for completely (and presumably consciously and deliberately) ignoring the role of New Zealand’s immigration policy in driving up New Zealand’s emissions – albeit they acknowledged that "population growth" was a factor..

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An Open Door Policy. Colorado River toads are impressive amphibians, the largest toads in the Sonoran Desert, with an equally impressive diet of insects, including the large palo verde wood borer beetles.

Croaking mechanism. A notable trait of sciaenids is the ability to produce a "croaking" sound. However the pitch and use of croaking varies species to species. The croaking ability is a distinguishing characteristic of sciaenids. The croaking mechanism is used by males as a mating call in some species.

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How do toads avoid croaking in winter? Toads usually burrow one to two feet into the ground to get below the frost line.

Robert J. Sinard wrote in "Geriatrics 1998", The Aging Voice: How to differentiate disease from normal changes (Can be read at www.findarticles.com): "Although there is no single unifying characteristic to defying the aging voice, a consideration of the pathophysiologic changes of aging on the organs responsible for voice production will help.

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Crackling While Exhaling. This blockage could be caused by a foreign body in the air passage (such as something accidentally ingested), diseases that narrow the airways (such as asthma), tumors, mucus plugs and more. Pressure outside the lung meanwhile can be a result of pleural effusion, pneumonia, injury, tumor or scarring of the lung.

The best way to avoid catching the plague. And in class, I didn’t want to talk at all because I sounded like a croaking toad," said Arnav Bhutada, another freshman plague sufferer at Fordham..